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Physicians Moundsville WV

Physicians practice medicine and promote human health through the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries. See below to find local physicians in Moundsville that give access to patient care improvement, general internal medicine, general pediatrics, preventive medicine, as well as advice and content on patient's health status assessment.

Nick Ghaphery
(740) 671-1291
4697 Harrison St
Bellaire, OH
Sports Medicine

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Dante Anthony Marra
(304) 242-8042
10 Medical Park
Wheeling, WV
Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine

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Discover Chiropractic
(740) 695-4936
67343 Warnock St Clairsville
St Clairsville, OH

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Rabah Boukhemis
(304) 736-5247
659 Central Ave
Barboursville, WV
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Kenneth Carr Wright
(304) 388-6301
501 Morris St
Charleston, WV
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Ellen L Kitts
(304) 242-1390
1305 National Rd
Wheeling, WV
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Booth Chiropractic
(740) 633-9922
56104 National Rd Ste 112A
Bridgeport, OH

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Belmont Physical Therapy
(740) 695-9868
51687 National Rd E
St Clairsville, OH

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Melissa Jugo Tinney
(304) 429-6755
1540 Spring Valley Dr
Huntington, WV
Sports Medicine

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Marietta Babayev, MD
(304) 744-2300
313 Maccorkle Ave SW
Charleston, WV
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine-Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Medical School: Suny-Hlth Sci Ctr At Brooklyn, Coll Of Med, Brooklyn Ny 11203
Graduation Year: 1995
Hospital: Herbert J Thomas Memorial Hosp, S Charleston, Wv
Group Practice: Holzer Clinic Inc Health & Rehabilitation Center

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Miscellaneous Medical Questions



Q.I recently rode Paris Brest Paris, perhaps you know about this ultimate 1200k endurance cycling event. I did not make it to the finish but did make it 1100k, in about 82 hours (which meant I had 8 hours to do 100k...) I was not dehydrated nor was my blood sugar low. I rode 26 hours before sleeping for 5 hours (good sleep) and then 22 more before 3.5 hours of sleep. The third day I felt good, riding at dusk I became very fatigued, disoriented, even hallucinated. I made it to a control, got 4 hours of sleep, thought all would be well. Started riding at 6 am, could not stay awake, tried napping by the side of the road, and I guess did not look like I was doing so well as someone called an ambulance. My blood pressure was OK, pulse was 45, slightly low for me. As I plan to do this and make it in 2007, any advice for legally dealing with this sort of fatigue? I tried caffeine, amazing how little caffeine does once one reaches this level. Does what happened to me indicate any condition or syndrome or lack of some nutrient? Is there a quick fix when one gets this (I know sleep... other than that) low?

A. The short answer is "no". I doubt there are any supplements that would prevent this from happening. Even when you eat just right, there is a limit related to your own physiology that reflects metabolism at the cell level. On another day, it might be a breeze and yet you would have done nothing differently as far as training. Good luck in 2007.

Avoiding the Flu

Q. I bike about 100 miles a week. With the upcoming flu/cold season, will altering my diet in any way prevent or reduce my chances of catching a cold/flu? If I get a cold/flu, will altering my diet in any way reduce the length of time I have a cold or flu? Will regular moderate exercise during the time I have a cold/flu reduce the the length of time I have a cold or flu, make it worse, or do nothing at all?

A. There is no evidence that diet supplements will reduce your chances of getting a viral URI or upper respiratory infection ("the flu"), although a regular, moderate exercise program does appear to provide some protection. If you do get a viral URI, zinc lozenges will cut down the duration of symptoms. During the early phase - when you are having aches, chills, and perhaps a fever - it is best to back off on your training or riding program. There has been suggestive evidence that continuing to push during this time can lead to additional problems.

B12 Injections

Q.I am a competitive rider 46 Years old. Can you give any clarification on using large doses (3cc) at a time of B12. Are there proven benefits to this?

A.I believe any benefit would only be a placebo response. There is no physiology that would support this (unless you have pernicious anemia) not any scientific evidence.


Q.I have been told to exercise to avoid osteoporosis (which runs in my family). Will cycling do the trick?

A.We're discove...

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