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"Knowledge is the key to improving your cycling performance."

- CPT mission statement -

Personal Trainers Gladwin MI

Personal trainers provide clients with fitness assessments, physical fitness improvement, nutritional guidelines and more. See below to find local personal trainers in Gladwin that give access to fitness plans that involve aerobic exercise, flexibility training, and resistance exercise, as well as advice and content on strength training and marathon preparation.

Gladwin Community Arena
(989) 246-4386
402 James Robertson Dr
Gladwin, MI
Clare Health Fitness
(989) 386-9730
412 S Mcewan St
Clare, MI
Core Control Pilates Llc
(248) 293-0728
1950 Star Batt Dr
Rochester Hills, MI
Fitness Together Ann Arbor West
(734) 327-7900
1785 W Stadium
Ann Arbor, MI
Programs & Services
Elliptical Trainers, Free Weights, Personal Training, Treadmill, Weight Machines

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Wellness Centre of Marquette
(906) 226-9301
310 W Washington St
Marquette, MI
Personal Trainer

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Clare Health & Fitness
(989) 386-9730
412 N Mcewan St
Clare, MI
Personal Trainer

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Clare Health & Fitness
(989) 386-9730
412 N McEwan St
Clare, MI
(269) 962-7886
1571 Capital Ave Ne
Battle Creek, MI
Gold's Gym
(248) 543-7100
1600 N Stephenson Hwy
Royal Oak, MI
RU Fit Inc
(586) 226-1526
40728 Hayes Rd
Clinton Township, MI
Personal Trainer

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Finding a Coach


Good coaching combines an understanding of the science of exercise physiology with the art of getting the most out of the athlete. A great coach will:

1) Understand basic human physiology and the scientific methods used to confirm or discard hypotheses to how the human body responds to the challenges of training and competing.

2) Understand the mind-body connection including the psychology of the maximizing athletic performance, how the "placebo" effect can be used to maximum advantage, visualization techniques, and believing in ones own best abilities.

3) Understand the athlete he/she is working with and methodically applying the an individualized program which combines the right balance of #1 and #2.

We, as individuals, can study and understand exercise physiology as well as the aspects of sports psychology that play a role in all athletic pursuits. We can even apply a methodical training program based on programs we've heard or read about. BUT we cannot easily identify our own weaknesses and put our personal physical and psychological needs in perspective - we need an independent opinion that is objectively (and sometimes brutally) honest as to those aspects of our performance that are lacking.

A recreational athlete can use the information on this web site to improve their performance and enjoy the benefits of cycling. However, to reach our maximum potential in competitive events, we will need an objective and honest coach, whether it is a riding compatriot or a paid professional.

Understanding the above requirements to be a great coach will help you to ask the right questions in your search. This means checking on their credentials in understanding exercise physiology (you want a coach that bases his or her program on objective information, not just the fad of the day), understanding their approach to the problems of the athlete's psyche, and asking for references from past pupils as to the coach's ability to understand individ...

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