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Bike Shops Gig Harbor WA

Bicycle shops offer different kinds of bicycles such as BMX bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, kid's bike and bike frames. See below to find local bicycle shops in Gig Harbor that give access to other bike supplies including bike parts, bike tires, bike wheels, cycling clothes, cycling shoes, cycling pedals, as well as advice and content on bicycle lights and bicycle accessories.

Old Town Bicycle Incorporated
(253) 858-8040
6820 Kimball Dr, #B1
Gig Harbor, WA
Big 5 Sporting Goods
(253) 851-2172
4811 Point Fosdick Dr NW
Gig Harbor, WA
Kamakaze Mountain Bike Club
(253) 857-3002
3959 Regatta CT
Gig Harbor, WA
East-West Koden Kan Kosho
(253) 884-7990
14904 121st Street Kp N
Gig Harbor, WA
Campbells Dive/Design
(253) 858-0183
2527 Cliffside Ln NW Y303
Gig Harbor, WA
Puget Sound Herring Sales Inc
(253) 858-2201
P.O. BOX 275
Gig Harbor, WA
Russ Haydons Shooters Supply
(253) 857-7557
15018 Goodrich Dr NW
Gig Harbor, WA
Tack To You
(253) 884-6688
15706 140th Avenue Kp N
Gig Harbor, WA
Rafter L Saddlery
(253) 906-4362
5408 36th Ave NW APT A202
Gig Harbor, WA
Old Town Bicycle
(253) 858-8040
6820 Kimball Dr # B1
Gig Harbor, WA

Bicycle Sizing


Are you are investigating options to tweak your bike - new stem, seat adjustment - to make it more comfortable? Or are you are considering buying a new frame? If so you will find there is a lot of folk lore and personal bias about correct sizing floating around. Fortunately there is some good science as well. The following is an attempt to pull together some consistent guidance from what what I found available on the WWW. Unless stated otherwise, this pertains to road bikes, not mountain bikes or hybrids.

First, you need your measurements. Bicycle Fitting Information - Body Measurements gives definitions and a few ideas on how to take measurements on yourself (inseam, etc.).

A good place to start your search is at the Colorado Cyclist website. As women often have unique siaing questions and problems, the Terry Bicycles webpage, which is from a company that touts itself as specializing in women's frames, may be helpful.

Here are some additional of interest.

  • - a very simple overview of the key sizing issues to consider.

  • How to Fit a Bicycle - middle of the road (complexity wise) overview of considerations for a good bike fit.

  • Making a Bicycle Fit - more detail than you might want about what goes into a good bike fit. Self described as a "treatise to help set up a road bike properly, either for racing, touring, or more relaxed riding."

  • BILL BOSTON CYCLES - additional fit parameters - that influence your overall fit, comfort and efficiency on a bike (top tube, seat tube, crank, etc.).

  • Sports Medicine "Proper Bike Fit Can Prevent Pain and Injury" - includes a short comment on sizing and it's impact on neck pain, knee pain, foot numbness, hand numbness, and saddle sores. (You can find additional information on these items in the Table of Contents under Medical Issues .

  • Competition Bicycle Size/ Proportions Analysis - a bit more technical. Contains a number of calculators including one that can help you find the right frame size for you.

  • The CARE exchange - A site by riders for riders involved with charity/fundraising cycling events - Troubleshoots Common Bike Fit Problems (for those suspecting they might have issues resulting from the wrong bike fit).

  • A mailing list for framebuilders amateur or pro, any material, any design, classic lugged road bikes to composite recumbents, ordinaries to unicycles.
  • Following are reprints of a couple of interesting articles I ran across that may be of interest.

    I. An extract from an article on the web site of Malcolm Firth - Senior Coach, Association of British Cycling Coaches

    that may help to answer some of your questions about leg length and seat angles. His suggestions are based on analysis of data he gathered from various sources.

    ".......The two main measurements required for a correctly sized road frame are the seat tube and top tube lengths. These, together with the seat tube angle are the parts of the frame most inf...

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