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"Knowledge is the key to improving your cycling performance."

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Aerobic Training Programs South Haven MI

Local resource for aerobic training programs in South Haven. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to aerobic exercise like stair climbing, elliptical training, indoor rowing, kickboxing, swimming, jumping rope, stationary bicycles as well as advice and content on anaerobic exercise and aerobic energy systems.

Attitude Fitness Center
(269) 637-1160
530 Huron St
South Haven, MI
Personal Trainer

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Get Physical the Fitness Center Inc
(269) 468-5433
6740 Red Arrow Hwy
Coloma, MI
Muscles in Motion Clinical Massage Center
(269) 468-7718
6693 Red Arrow Hwy
Coloma, MI
Massage Practitioner, Personal Trainer

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Pump House Gym Llc
(269) 857-7867
6492 Blue Star Hwy
Saugatuck, MI
Personal Trainer

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First Fitness Consultants
(269) 857-3237
120 Park St
Saugatuck, MI
Anytime Fitness South Haven, MI
(269) 767-7111
855 LaGrange Street
South Haven, MI
Programs & Services
24-hr Operations, Cardio Equipment, Circuit Training, Elliptical Trainers, Free Weights, Parking, Personal Training, Spinning, Stair Climber, Stationary Bikes, Treadmill, Weight Machines

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Olivia Emrich
(269) 468-6157
Coloma, MI

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(269) 463-8370
7139 Red Arrow Hwy
Watervliet, MI
Curves For Women of Gobles
(269) 628-4025
407 S State St Ste C
Gobles, MI
Personal Trainer

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Gw Care Home Healthcare Services
(269) 637-5920
452 Blue Star Hwy
South Haven, MI
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Following are a series of training tips and training aids used by cyclists to improve their personal performance. Although they have been used for improving cycling performance, the ideas could be adapted for other aerobic sports as well. (Nutritional tips have been addressed elsewhere.)


A nice way to take the pressure off your hands, add another position to your options on a road bike, and increase your average speed about 1 mph without any additional effort. For distance cycling, this is the one accessory that will add the most to your performance.


Nothing more than a lead weight (5.5, 7.7, an 9.9 pounds) offered as a commercial product and attached to your bike, the theory is that if you work harder while training, you'll fly in the race or event. You can make a homemade model by adding lead shot to your water bottle, or in a number of other ways only limited by your imagination.


A hilly course offers an alternative to an interval ride, and will give you some variety at the same time. And riding a tough course will help you develop the mental attitude needed to face those hills in a race.


A fancy alternative to the handwritten training diary, these programs do take an extra commitment of time to enter the data. But they may be just the ticket to give you the incentive to collect the numbers, and they will plot your numbers in graphic form which makes it easier to identify trends. And some of them will give you an analysis and recommendation from guidelines written into the program by the author. However like any "cookie cutter" approach, they are tailored for the average athlete, and may not fit all your personal needs.

Commercial products

  • Ultra coach (800-400-1390)
  • Attain for Cycling


A good idea to help flush the lactic acid out of your muscles and cut down on soreness the next day. If you can, take 10 to 15 minutes for some leisurely spinning after an event or hard training ride. One study from Iowa looked at lactate levels 20 minutes post exercise in three groups - passive recovery, massage, and slow cycling on a stationary trainer. The easy pedaling group removed more lactate, more quickly, than massage which is often touted as the "gold standard".


You can't record all aspects of a workout accurately and scientifically without a good cyclecomputer - Distance, speed, average speed, cadence, elapsed time.


Dehydration can limit optimal performance in a competitive event, and training will suffer too if you don't drink enough. For longer rides, particularly in hot climates or where you don't want to stop for fear of losing the group, a water bottle or two may not be enough, so consider a "Camelbak" or similar fluid delivery system.


Riding with others is an easy way to push yourself. Riding with a group pushes can help push u...

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